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iTrack Motorsports - Friday Night Events @ Lanier Raceplex 5/21

The Southeast has lacked a supportive outlet for drifting for quite a while. They come and go, and we feel like Matt and his team at iTrack are taking the right steps to reserve its stay for good. Us at Okeydoke appreciate things like this taking place, for it gives us the extra opportunity to grow as well. Here's a few questions we popped on Matt Brueck that we'd like to share with you. What was your vision for Itrack and has it exceeded your expectations? Why do you do this? When I first started iTrack in 2007, I did it for two reasons. One, to give myself a free place for seat time and two was to create affordable fun...

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Journey Out West.

Late one afternoon Brandon Wicknick called me and asked if i’d like to fly out to Salt Lake City to film a few things and participate in Street Driven Tour X Stance Wars in Las Vegas. Not knowing exactly what to say i immediately said yes. Him and a few of his friends pitched in to help pay for my flight in return i would make a video for their drift team called Take Luck. The closer it got to me actually leaving i stressed out, i had no idea what to do or what to expect. I had never flown, and I’ve never been outside the south. Was i really about to do this… I woke up early Tuesday...

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